This Week’s Addiction: Stranger Things

The Netflix TV model is one that I really love. Episodes are as long as they need to be and as numerous as they warrant. Bloated 26 episode seasons on major TV networks will give a First Person Shooter for every Tooms and wouldn’t it have been a lot better had they figured out that island without all the time travel filler? It’s great to see smaller ideas get made with a bit less money but no less quality and this is where you get amazing telly like Stranger Things.

Like all good mysteries Stranger Things is spoiled with too much description but if you love suspense and ripping yarns then it’s the best telly in years. A bold statement and one that is tough to back up when I am hard pressed to give too much away but I would hate to take away the magic in this wonderful series. The basics are fairly straightforward though. Set in the 80s in a small US town a young boy vanishes and a strange girl appears. The two events seem to be linked and a trio of young friends set out to discover the town’s secrets.


The mood of the whole series is incredible. The electronic soundtrack alone perfectly fits with the time period but the entire thing feels like an early Steven Spielberg tale with the childhood camaraderie of ET and the creepy tones of Poltergeist. In fact it’s chock full of 80s film and TV references that were mostly lost on me (I was born in 1979 so only just made it into the 80s) but I am sure many eagle-eyed viewers will spot them.

At only 8 episodes Stranger Things is a tense and well-structured adventure. It’s creepy to be sure and viewers who struggle with being spooked out too easily won’t make it past the first episode but those that aren’t big babies will love the tale that Stranger Things tells. I sure did.


5 thoughts on “This Week’s Addiction: Stranger Things

    1. INK1ing Post author

      I am apprehensive about a second season as the whole thing was just so perfectly contained. I am probably a bit over cautious about sequels though and I am very interested to see where they take it.


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