This Weeks Addiction: Crossy Road

Ace Combat Infinity has still been occupying way too much brain space this week but another little game has managed to get under its radar and score a direct hit on my free time. Crossy Road is a simple cross between the gameplay of Frogger and the endless style of Temple Run. It’s a straightforward score attack game where one mistake sets you back to the beginning. Thankfully the levels are randomly generated so you never feel like you are having to repeat the same thing over and over. In fact sometimes you lose track of your progress altogether until you realise that you are getting close to your high score, panic, and dive under a car.

The game has over 60 characters to unlock which you can either pay for with real money or wait to earn with in game coins which is a little addictive tug that will have you coming back to it very few hours. This trickle of rewards and score attack gameplay pretty much sums up what a lot of free mobile games offer at the moment but Crossy Road’s simplicity and just-one-more-try pull make it a lot of fun.


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