Back to it

I want to get back to blogging. At first I did it just for myself on Gamespot, it was nice to see my words down in print, but as time went by I got more and more engaged with the community. Others seemed interested in what I had to say and it felt great. But when GS updated, the community I had become a part of seemed to collapse overnight. Comments dried up and there were more blogs about leaving GS than there were about games. I scoffed at these and then quietly left. It was a shame (a few cool people relocated to a forum here which is great).

Well now I am going to go back to it and write for myself which should be fun. For one thing I don’t have to come up with titles that are desperate clickbait in a bid to elicit comments (that sort of thing really gets hold of you) and I can quietly indulge my new passion for board and card games too. I have not read a video game review for about 6 months but have watched about 250 for tabletop gaming (I love you Dice Tower). I guess tastes change and although I say I would never want to stop gaming (digitally that is), somehow I almost have.

Well, that’s life right? So here goes.


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