Next Gen Woes Solved

Times are tough for us console gamers. We have to buy a machine that will sit under the TV for 6 months like a dumb gorilla until Titanfall comes out and in the meantime play Call Of Duty: Ghosts in 720p. Bleurgh. We will be forced to spend money on this generations Perfect Dark Zero to justify getting it in the first place or even get the few indie games that will tide us over until those monsters at Ubisoft let us get hold of Watch Dogs, indie games that use a fraction of the infinite power of a cloud or all those RAMs. Whatever that means. Bullied into buying a machine that requires a day one patch just to enable blu-ray playback or the ability to turn off the internets. Why are you making me do this Sony? Stop your Chinese burn Microsoft. It hurts. Wa, waa, waaaaaahh!

If only there was some way to avoid crippling buyers remorse this November. What’s that you say? I DON’T have to buy a new console? But, but, but, me is gamer, me buy new shiny box! Fetch me that Morpheus bloke because the rules of this world just went red-pill crazy!

I have heard a lot of moaning about the new gen across various podcasts, articles and forums but what some don’t seem to realise is that you don’t actually have to buy a new console if it doesn’t make you happy. Of course there are plenty of people who are genuinely excited about a new piece of kit and are looking forward to the new consoles but they are not kidding themselves that there will immediately be some massive revolution. They just want to be a part of it. However for some it seems like some cross-bearing badge of honour to hate the next-gen while still spending money on it, people who have considered cancelling their pre-order for such feeble reasons as it not having any games they want on it. They stuck to their guns though. Well done, I guess.

I understand wanting to be a part of a new wave of gaming but for me, and this is my own personal feeling, there is plenty to do on the last gen. In fact, I am trying to find the best way to play Majora’s Mask which was about three generations ago. So if you are not sure you want a new console then just don’t buy one. Wait until it’s cheaper, there are more games and you have exhausted what you already have. Is that so bad?


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